We believe in a caring society that is focused on trust and respect, in which people are safe from crime and enjoy a good quality of life. We help people feel less afraid, vulnerable or isolated in the place where they live.

Since the inception of the Somerset Park Neighbourhood Watch (SPNHW), the Guardians have sacrificed hundreds of hours of patrolling

  • The patrollers were the first responders to numerous house breakings, motor vehicle accidents, home owners in distress, medical emergencies, crimes in progress and home invasions.
  • They were was also responsible for assisting and providing SAPS with information and evidence for numerous crimes which led to the conviction of criminals operating in Somerset Park.
  • The Guardians have even gone into townships following up on crime.

The SPNHW has successfully installed an Automatic Number Plate Recognition System and advanced CCTV Systems to detect stolen and suspicious vehicles in the area.

Recently. there were reports of house breakings and incidents of theft of laptops, cellphones, clothing, garden tools, toys and copper pipes. With that in mind, we humbly request the residents to be more vigilant, take extra precautions and safety measures. Please also be aware of remote- jamming at Ilala Ridge Shopping Centre.

Many residents do not have house numbers at all, making it very difficult for Police, Firemen, Security and others to find your house in an emergency. It shall be the duty of the owners and occupants of every house and principal building to have placed thereon, in a place visible from the street, figures showing the number address of the house or building.

We have decided to resume patrolling during Alert Level One of Lockdown. All patrollers will comply with the Disaster Management Act and Health & Hygiene Protocols from the Department of Health.

We humbly encourage you to join the Neighbourhood Watch by signing up individually on our website.

Burglary Prevention

As we are now on Alert Level One of lockdown, more of us are leaving our homes unoccupied once again and opportunists are ready to take advantage of this. As with all types of crime, prevention is much better than cure.  Taking simple measures such as locking windows, leaving indoor lights on a timer, double locking your doors and leaving exterior lights on a sensor setting can greatly reduce your chances of being burgled.

The SPNHW has established various channels of communication between various stake holders and residents.

We salute the Executive Committee Members of the SPNHW, the Somerset Park Guardians, Security Companies, SAPS, Metro Police, residents and patrons who have made a difference in the safety and security of the families of Somerset Park. We would also like to thank our sponsors and Guardians who have dipped into their own pockets to make our area a safer place to live.

“Your neighbours respond first when you need them the most.”