Latest statistics gathered from the 2014/15 Victims of Crime Survey show that in 34% of all house robberies reported in South Africa, criminals had gained access through a window.

Data also showed that 5,1% of households in South Africa had reported a housebreaking during 2014/15, up from 4,8% in 2013/14.

While installing burglar bars over your windows does provide good protection, it can be expensive, and is not seen as the most aesthetically pleasing option.

Luckily, there are a number of solutions homeowners can look at that don’t break the bank, as well as tips to keep in mind so that criminals never have the upper hand.

  • Install security film on vulnerable windows, which makes them harder to break (similar to the armoured glass seen on car windows). This has various levels of security.
  • For sliding doors, a patio door lock can make breaking the door away from the frame and lifting it off the rail that much tougher. Click here for more.
  • For windowed stacker doors (these are often patio doors that concertina open into one another), installing a stacker door hook lock makes sure that even if the one door leaf isn’t locked, the door cannot be pulled away from the frame at all (the final door leaf is securely connected to the door frame)
  • Install window locks. While they don’t help protect against window smashing, they do add a level of security against anyone trying to lever a window open.
  • Remember to always arm your alarm system when leaving the house, and activate the perimeter beams while at home.
  • Ensure that perimeter doors leading to the street are always locked and well-secured, with no gaps to allow access the property in the first place. Thieves can use tools like crowbars to exploit weak doors and locks. Also ensure that there are no easy vantage points for criminals to use to jump over your wall.